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Safety Management Resources

Click on below links to download these helpful resources and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call our Safety Department at 773-977-7793 option 3.

Log Book Examples
Interstate Truck Driver Guide to Hours Of Service
CSA Driver Toolkit
Hazardous Materials Driver Tools

Orientation On-line Orientation is available, so you can get familiar with all we do from wherever you are!

Click Here for instructions about how to navigate through our on-line training platform.

Click here to start your On-line Orientation now.

On-line Safety Courses ATTENTION USERS:
Matrix Inc utilizes this online training program to communicate training and important information that will help reduce incidents, accidents and create a safer work environment.  Please follow the steps below to begin training today!


Here’s How to Get Started:

Step 1: Go to the Training Website

Click Here or Select On-line Safety Courses under Safety Education Center in the green pane above.
Once the website loads, use the credentials previously emailed to your by our Safety Manager to log in to the platform. For instructions about how to navigate through the training platform click here.

If you can't locate your credentials, please call us at 773-977-7793 option 3 or just click here to call us directly from your browser. 

Step 2: Select Topic

Once you are logged in, you can review all available courses and select the topic you would want to start with.

Step 3: Start a course

Choose a topic and start it by clicking on the green circle symbol on the right hand side.

Step 4: Take the Test

Test questions will appear automatically following the course.
Answer all questions to complete training.  Once you have passed the test, this training will be removed from the list of available courses.

For additional information or questions contact 773-977-7793 option 3 or click here to call us directly from your browser.

Safety Management Resources Log Book Examples
Interstate Truck Driver Guide to Hours Of Service