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Office address:

729 N Route 83, Suite 317
Illinois 60106, USA

Matrix Team

Dispatch Team

Group e-mail: dispatch@matrixtrucks.com

HazMat, Dry Van and Reefer Division

Geno Roussev
Operations Manager
20 Years of Experience, dispatching Dry Van, HazMat and Reefer.

e-mail: geno@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-717-8581

Savina Filuova - 19 Years of experience, dispatching Dry Van and Hazmat
e-mail: savina@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 872-888-6600

Aleksandar Gvozdic -6 Years of experience, dispatching Dry Van, HazMat and Reefer.
e-mail: alex@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-455-0200

Anetta Michniak -5 Years of experience, dispatching Dry Van and HazMat
e-mail: anetta@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-917-0660

Boyko Drazhev - 5 years of experience, dispatching Dry Van and HazMat
e-mail: bobby@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-977-5656

Dean Bogdanov - Newest bee on the team!
e-mail: dean@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 872-888-7400

Cargo Van Division

Mladen Tsvetkov
e-mail: mladen@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-977-7793 ext. 2212

Tracking and tracing

Group e-mail: tracking@matrixtrucks.com

Maya Lupanova
e-mail: mayal@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-977-7793 ext.2214

Annie Georgieva
e-mail: annie@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-977-7793 ext.2219

Safety Management Team

Group e-mail: safety@matrixtrucks.com

Rositsa Lupanova
e-mail: rosi@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-977-7793 Ext. 2204

Denitza Dimitrova
e-mail: deni@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-977-7793 Ext. 2209

Martina Biernat
e-mail: martina@matrixtrucks.com 
Phone: 773-977-7793 Ext. 2208

Accounting Team

Group e-mail: accounting@matrixtrucks.com

Irena Kiryazova
e-mail: irena@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-977-7793 ext. 2215

Mira Kazandzhieva
e-mail: mira@@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773-977-7793 ext. 2221

Team Leader and President

Ivelina Atanasova
e-mail: ivelina@matrixtrucks.com
Phone: 773 977 7793 ext. 2202

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