6 steps truck drivers have to follow during the Covid-19 pandemic

May 12 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic rules and regulations have been changing by the day. Truck drivers in the USA, and worldwide, are selflessly making an effort to supply the nation by working and delivering supplies in need.

For the safety of owner operators, The American Trucking Association has made 550 gallons of hand sanitizer available for truck drivers to go to a designated area to refill their personal supply at no charge, and in addition 1 million masks have been donated to truck drivers. These are just 2 of the 6 steps truck drivers have to follow to safely deliver loads during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Have a mask at all time (N95 or handmade mask)

1 million being distributed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration1 mask can be used safely for up to 8 hours per day

Proper cleaning for N95 mask include steaming or liquid Hydrogen Peroxide. The virus will lose its ability to live after 72 hours, it’s suggested to use a rotation between masks so they can hang dry in the meantime.

The most effective way to clean a cloth handmade mask is to put them through the washing machine, at a high temperature and iron the mask after drying. Most of the filters used for the handmade face masks are a single-time use such as coffee filters or HVAC filters.

Sanitize your truck and your hands

With rest areas and restaurants being closed it is more difficult for drivers to be able to wash their hands. The American Trucking Association has made 550 gallons of hand sanitizer available for truck drivers to go to a designated area to refill their personal supply at no charge.

Before beginning your shift, cleaning all surfaces with soap and hot water is the most effective way to clean before sanitizing. Dispose of single-use wipes properly and launder any towels after cleaning. Use disinfectants to sanitize any electronic screens before and after use and launder any bedding in your cab after each trip.

Taking precautions in public spaces is also very important, never touch anything with your bare hands, always wear gloves. If you are unable to wash your hands, using hand sanitizer is recommended. When you are outside of your truck be sure to use gloves and dispose of them after each use. Be sure to wipe down any surface you can before touching & refrain from touching your face.

Prepare for social distancing in public locations

Social distancing can be hard for people but it is one of the most important steps to follow in order to limit the risk to get infected by the virus. Limiting the amount of people you have contact with lowers the risk of passing or catching the virus

When enclosed in a company, stay 6 feet apart and try to limit your time around people.

Stay in your vehicle while loading and unloading whenever possible

Use your own pen if anything needs to be signed, if possible go digital and use electronic receipts or invoices.

Watch out for some symptoms of Covid 19

These symptoms can show from 2-14 days of infection:

– Cough
– Shortness of breath
– Fever
– Chills
– Sore Throat

This list in not all inclusive, but if you are showing any concerning symptoms, please call your healthcare provider. People with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for more serious complications.

Viral test are available for a current infection, it is a swab inserted on the inside of your nose which provides results in about an hour if done at site. Although testing supplies are increasing, testing sites are still more difficult to find.

Dine On The Road (at Restaurants & Fast Food)

Restaurants and Fast Food locations across the country are offering discounts on meals for truck drivers. Since Drive Thru is not an option with a Semi-Truck, drivers are able to call in their order for curbside pick up. For a list of locations offering a discount you can visit franchise.org

As the country is working on re-opening there are a few states that have re-opened restaurants for dine in, with some restrictions.

Show your Support #ThankATrucker

Social Media is a great way for users to show their appreciation for those selflessly making an effort providing us with groceries and every day essential supplies.

It doesn’t need to be a restaurant, hotel or business act of kindness, a simple wave on the road will put a smile on their face.