Covid-19 resources for Trucking

Covid-19 resources for the trucking business

This is a very difficult time for these drivers being kept away from home. Companies have shut down and the amount of loads available for owner operators has drastically decreased. Many states have rest areas shut down, restaurants closed, nowhere to sit down and take a break on their down time, since drive thru is not an option for them, they really have to stock up on meals for the road. Roughly 18% of owner operators have made the choice to stay home with the loved ones so they’re not putting themselves or their family at risk, which is also causing them a financial struggle. If they have a loan out on their truck it’s a possibility that if they call the lender they can have their payments put on hold for the time being until business starts operating normally. However it is not loan forgiveness, it just gets put on hold and that is depending if lender will allow for that to happen. Some lenders might not approve it which forces the truck driver to work.

The individuals who are out on the road need national support for more test sites available that can test them quickly once they arrive home from their various destinations and interactions with people to ensure their safety. The next hurdle of this challenge is how we’re going to continue in the future, if we will provide these measures indefinitely; the cleaning procedures at rest areas, restaurants, gas stations, and all the frequently used areas by numerous individuals risking their lives for the benefit of all residents in the country. Young kids wanting a truck driver to honk their horn puts a smile on their face. If you see a truck driver on the road, give them a wave to show our appreciation for the work they’re doing for us.

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