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Reefer Services

The term “reefer” is a term used to define refrigerated trucking or refrigerated services in the trucking industry. This shipping method, reefer services, is used in the trucking business in the USA for the transportation of products, materials and foods that require controlled temperature of the trailer in order to preserve the qualities of the load. The trailer itself has a refrigeration system that preserves the state of the products that are to be shipped in their initial state.

The bespoke option for companies who require their freight to be temperature-controlled is reefer trailers transportation. There are many advantages when it comes to using refrigerated trucking:

  • There is a wide variety of goods that can be shipped with this freight method, reefer services. Different kinds of plants, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals and foods are just some of the products that can be transported as a temperature-controlled freight.
  • There will always be high demand of fresh products which are to be shipped nationwide. The safe haul and transport of these fresh products is guaranteed simply by using refrigerated trucking.
  • The greatest protection for the products, foods, pharmaceuticals and other freights is delivered by using refrigerated services. The reefer trailer is equipped better, which gives additional protection for the freight from spoilage, varying weather conditions and minimizes the risk for damage from temperature changes.

Does transportation with reefer trailer work with LTL Shipping?

The LTL shipping is used very ofthen when it comes to shipping freights with refrigerated trucking and it’s covered across the whole country and North America in general.

Another advantage of the when using reefer trailers is that you can not only use it for transporting temperature-controlled goods but you can also use it for goods that don’t require specific degrees in the trailer. The usage of the reefer trailer without the need of temperature control is actually quite a common practice.

What are the packaging requirements for refrigerated cargos?

It is good to know that when you are using reefer trailer for transportation of temperature-controlled goods the goods need to be packed according to the requirements of the goods. The proper packaging of the freight is the most important when shipping with refrigerated trucking. You can always ask us if you have questions about your freight here and we will be happy to give you instructions.
It is good to know that refrigerated trucking can also be used for the transportation of frozen items. When the freight is frozen it is often practice to use dry ice and gel coolants to support the highly sensitive temperature-controlled goods.

Reefer trailers are designed for the transportation of your freight by maintaining a specific temperature in order to keep your cargo fresh. Cargo which is likely to decay or go bad quickly are usually shipped with refrigerated trailers. Some of these cargoes can be fruit and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, plants that need to remain in prime condition, cosmetic products etc. The busiest period of the year when clients are using reefer trailers for transportation are often during the national holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving Day when the transportation of turkeys, transportation of pumpkins, transportation of Christmas toys when there is the highest necessity in these goods.

What are the advantages of Matrix when using reefer trucking?

The advantages in hiring Matrix Trucks in the transportation using refrigerated services are many and some of them are: 

  • We are an Owner Operator company which keeps the highest possible quality standards.
  • Our drivers have a clean driving record and clean background.
  • We deliver your cargo on time.
  • We keep you informed where your freight is through our online shipment tracking system.



If you’re a broker/shipper interested in partnering with Matrix, take a look at all the ways in which you will instantly benefit from choosing to partner with a trusted and industry leading transportation provider like us.

  • Safe, secure, and on-time deliveries for full truckloads of hazardous materials, dry vans, and refrigerated freight.
  • Automated check calls for each completed trip milestone.
  • 24/7 live freight tracking.
  • EDI capabilities.
  • Reasonable rates that match market conditions.
  • Experienced dispatch teams.
  • Experienced HazMat-certified drivers.
  • Exceptional support and safety services.
  • Outstanding safety rating.
  • 100% ELD compliant.

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We at Matrix Inc have done what is needed to give our clients the best of service when it comes to expedited freight services!
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