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Hazardous Materials Transportation

The transportation of hazardous materials is a job not many transportation companies can handle correctly and deliver in the set up deadlines while ensuring compliance with all FMCSA regulations. We at Matrix Inc. have concentrated in the transportation of hazardous materials to the slightest detail to meet the deadlines and comply with all regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous cargo.

We work with very well trained professional drivers that have years of experience in transportation of hazardous materials.

Matrix Inc. is responsible for the safety of transporting hazardous materials. This is why we are constantly improving our safety practices to ensure proper transportation of hazardous materials throughout US and keep the roads safe and free from accidents.

The transportation of hazardous materials includes transportation of different kind of dangerous materials such as batteries, laundry detergent, fertilizer, etc. We have the necessary permits and training to deliver these in all 48 states.


If you’re a broker/shipper interested in partnering with Matrix, take a look at all the ways in which you will instantly benefit from choosing to partner with a trusted and industry leading transportation provider like us.

  • Safe, secure, and on-time deliveries for full truckloads of hazardous materials, dry vans, and refrigerated freight.
  • Automated check calls for each completed trip milestone.
  • 24/7 live freight tracking.
  • EDI capabilities.
  • Reasonable rates that match market conditions.
  • Experienced dispatch teams.
  • Experienced HazMat-certified drivers.
  • Exceptional support and safety services.
  • Outstanding safety rating.
  • 100% ELD compliant.

The hazmat transportation services require a lot of attention to detail and our staff is fully prepared to meet your requirements.
When it comes to shipping hazardous materials across the country Matrix Trucks will provide you with experienced HazMat certified drivers, exceptional support and safety services!
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