6 Tips to Secure Your Cargo

June 23 2020

One of the most important steps you should never skip is securing every load. You don’t want to be the driver who fails to secure their load properly, cause an accident on the road & damage the load. Tie-downs should always be in good condition, always check and never assume they would still be in good condition from the previous load. It is vital to secure your cargo, so be sure the inspect all cargo control equipment and that all the necessary requirements are being followed. Over time all equipment has normal wear and tear but many things can damage your equipment so be sure your tie-downs have no holes, burns or any damage from securing heavy loads.

Six Tips to Secure Your Cargo:

  1. Cover Sharp Corners: When your cargo has sharp edges, you can use corner protectors. Corner and edge protectors protect the straps, chains and cables so they’re not lying on sharp edges. There are also protective sleeves available to protect from abrasive materials.
  2. Clean, Dry & Store: Soaking and rinsing your straps with some mild detergent and water is the safest way to clean your straps. Avoid hard chemicals or cleaning supplies to prevent excessive damage. The straps needs to air dry before coming in contact with sunlight, if this method of cleaning stops being effective, the straps need to be replaced with new ones.
  3. Dry Thoroughly: Make sure you dry your equipment, too much moisture to your equipment can ruin the quality of the material. Whenever possible to have stainless steel hardware, it will have less exposure to moisture and easier to keep dry.
  4. Buy Durable Product: You need durable straps that can handle the heavy loads. If you happen to haul construction material, bricks or wood, you need tie-downs that can handle the rough loads.
  5. Don’t Drag: In order to secure your cargo, you have to prevent your straps from dragging on the ground. If they are constantly dragging on the ground, they’re going to get damaged a lot quicker than if they are kept tight and secure. You can use duct tape to tape them up, bungee cords, or zip ties, whatever is the most convenient way to keep them from dragging.
  6. Replacements: We don’t like replacing items, but you need to follow the signs of when you should replace a worn out item with a new durable item. Nothing lasts forever, any sign of damage should be a good sign that you need a new product.

Visual guidance help, check out this video on how to use the straps and how to load your truck in a more efficient way.

If the cargo is damaged or falls out of your trailer, that will result in your load not getting delivered and you and the carrier to not get paid. You have to make sure you are following the correct procedure on how to secure your cargo so you don’t face any issues. Having the correct cargo securement is very important, but don’t forget there may be additional requirements depending on the load especially if you have hazardous materials. When it comes to safety, paying attention to detail is crucial, and our staff is full of experienced drivers who know how to meet all requirements. If you are looking to join our team and benefit from our transportation experience, take the first step into filling out an application.