Full Truckload Services & What You Need To Know

June 25 2020

Do you have a time sensitive load you need delivered?

Do you need an efficient way to ship your goods?

Do you want your goods handled less?

With less chance of damage?

To help make your decision a little easier for you, take a look at some of the important things you should know about a full truckload services

A full truckload (FTL) is a type of shipping method where a truck carries the dedicated shipment, it does take up the entire trailer but there are many benefits depending on what you are looking for. Full truck load is important for shippers that have the cargo to fill up the trailer or that have a pick up or drop off time that is crucial to be met.

What is the cost to ship a full truckload?

The cost will depend on the dimensions of the shipment, & the distance from up to delivery point. For a better idea of what the costs will be, visit our page & contact us.

How do YOU benefit from Matrix full truckload services?

  • Shipments will travel on one truck with one destination so you can make sure there are no extra stops being made to drop off different shipments. Getting to your destination sooner will save time & money.
  • Less risk of damage to your goods, unlike a less than truckload shipment, you won’t have to worry about warehouses loading and unloading your shipment until destination is reached.