Life as a CDL driver

July 16 2020

As most driver’s would tell you, being on the road is no time for fun and games. Long roads, late nights, and early mornings all add up to be a task filled day on the job. However, just because you need to be alert and focused behind that big wheel, doesn’t necessarily mean your body and mind cant enjoy the precious moments life as a CDL driver has to offer. I want to suggest ways to keep yourself distracted, while also being focused on any task at hand.

Keep in touch

Driving could be a very stressful and sometimes lonely profession. While on the road you may start to feel the pressure and depression your job includes. Constant focus, time sensitivity, and weeks away from home. The most important thing you can do is remember, you are a whole lot more than just a man or woman operating a 40,000 pound piece of machinery.

You are a father, mother, brother or sister, you are more than an employee. When I say keep in touch I don’t just mean calling your family, you need to keep in touch with yourself.

Remember you are not just an employee. Yes, you have a very important job, you are the backbone of essential deliveries. Coast to coast you matter the most. Even if you give yourself 30 minutes a day to reflect on your own personal interest and hobbies. You would have spent roughly 180 hours that year working on your happiness and mental health. 180 hours well deserved. Due to the nature of trucking, studies show that drivers face increased challenges, such as loneliness (27.9%), depression (26.9%), chronic sleep disturbances (20.6%), anxiety (14.5%), and other emotional problems (13%).

A Picture is worth a thousand words

Life as a CDL driver is almost always moving. City to city state to state. Nonetheless whenever you have the opportunity to stop, Take it! The world offers many beautiful and exciting environments. Saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” might sound a little cliche. However, when you look back at a photo you have taken in the past, you open up a folder in your brain bringing you right back to that moment.

You could almost smell the salty air as you reminisce on the photo you took on your last load to Fort Lauderdale. The hair on your arms start to stick up and you remember the breeze driving down the twist and turns of the rocky mountains in Colorado. Take a look around you. Life is beautiful.

Become a Foodie

The best part of traveling in my opinion is trying food from different realms of the world. Everywhere has something to offer. Whether it’s BBQ from Texas, or a slice of deep dish pizza in Chicago. Food will always be the way to experience different cultures and walks of life. Do research on your drop off and pickup locations. Google, Yelp, and Grubhub, are very helpful tools to keep you excited for every destination.

Life as a CDL driver may be stressful and sometimes overwhelming, but you can make the best out of any situation. You could be the type of person to just enjoy listening to podcasts, audio books, or learn a language while you drive. You could be the type to want to spend every free minute you have exploring different parts of the U.S., taking up photography, or experimenting with different cuisine, document your journey and just keep on trucking.