Brake safety week has officially started!

August 24 2020

Matrix Inc. is reminding all owner-operators that brake safety week has officially started! They will need to make sure their trucks’ brakes systems are in order, as enforcement officials will hold a week-long enforcement spree focused on all things brakes.

This year’s brake safety week will proceed as scheduled on Aug. 23-29.The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is warning, inspectors will be looking for critical out-of-service brake violations, along with other OOS violations.

One of the main parts of the roadside inspection process has always been checking brake system components. To highlight the importance of those components to vehicle mechanical fitness and safety, inspectors will be paying special attention to brake hoses and tubing during this year’s Brake Safety Week.

CVSA says hoses and tubing must be properly attached, undamaged, without leaks and appropriately flexible.

During the 2019 International Roadcheck inspection blitz, brake system and adjustment violations accounted for 45.1% of all OOS violations. During last year’s Brake Safety Week, 13.5% of all trucks inspected had brake-related violations and were placed out of service.

In addition to CVSA’s Brake Safety Week, August is also Brake Safety Awareness Month. Along with inspections and enforcement, mechanics , owner-operators, drivers,motor carriers and others are also engaged by the law enforcement agencies in outreach and awareness efforts to be educated of proper brake maintenance, operation and performance.

Since brake safety week is officially started, you can be even more prepared for the upcoming week on the road and check our online Safety education center. Our team cares about your safety and the safety of others!