Health Insurance Benefits for Truck Drivers

March 18 2021

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has classified Trucking as a high-risk profession. Trucker’s health is at risk because of smoking, sitting for a long period of time, back problems and of course accidents risks due to fatigue and long hours behind the wheel. An estimated 70% of truck drivers have at least one grave health condition. Unfortunately, not all of the owner-operators can afford their individual or family policies.  Some trucking companies offer healthcare coverage for their employees. However, these heakth insurance benefits are not always offered by the leasing company to self-employed people.

Do Truck Drivers Get Health Insurance?

As we already mentioned, truckers have a unique set of health risks having in mind how risky their job is. Therefore there is no reason why they should be denied affordable health insurance plans. But before you choose an insurance company, make sure health insurance is included in the bundle package. A lot of those companies provide a wide variety of insurance options, but the one you need isn’t part of them.  It’s also important to note that dental, vision, critical illness, or accident insurance aren’t typically covered by health insurance plans. However, you can get coverage for things like these through supplemental insurance.

What is Truck Drivers Health Insurance?

For quite a while, truck drivers have been paying high insurance premiums and coverage that didn’t really meet the needs of the insured. All of that happened because their needs have been ignored by the insurance industry. But that was in the past. Now the truckers have a lot more coverage alternatives than they’ve ever had before.

What Are the Health Insurance Options For Owner Operators?

There are a couple of various kinds of healthcare alternatives for truckers, and although you may feel like you are healthy, the dangers that accompany truck driving can be unexpected. That’s why you better invest in at least one coverage option.

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)- People that are in good health are very likely to choose this option. However, if you are looking for lower deductibles you better look into other plan options. You pay less per month for coverage but you have a higher deductible. However, there is an additional advantage. The money you add to your Health Savings Account cannot be taxed by the government. 
  • Owner-Operator Independent Driver’s Association ( OOIDA)- this organization stands up for professional truck driver’s rights. To become a member you need to pay a small yearly fee. This provides you with lots of benefits, including healthcare. These benefits can extend to your family, and there are many options for coverage providing high amounts of flexibility and a variety of other types of insurance through OOIDA.
  • The NRA and Insurance–  Similar to OOIDA, NRA offers access to healthcare coverage for its members. While this is validated healthcare, the policies offered might not be similar or comparable to full healthcare insurance. This type of coverage could assist fill in the gap from other healthcare coverage. 

How to Find the Best Health Insurance For Truck Drivers

Before you make your final decision and choose the insurance company for you, make sure you ask yourself ( and understand) the following: 

  • How much is my deductible and what is my maximum individual out of pocket? 
  • What is my maximum family out of pocket?
  • Which hospitals and doctors are in my preferred network?
  • What is my coverage for other therapies? 
  • What is my prescription drug coverage? 
  • Is this a health-care or a health-share program? ( Read more about the health-share program)

Now that you have answered the questions, you have a better understanding of what exactly are you looking for. 

What can we do for our Owner-Operators? 

For Matrix, safety comes first! And because we care so much about our drivers, we are doing our best to keep them safe. Especially during this pandemic. We were able to negotiate some competitive Health Insurance rates with Blue Cross Blue Shield for all of them! If you are interested, don’t hesitate to call us now at 773-977-7793 opt 3! For more information and updates on Matrix’s services, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter