5 Trucking Myths- Revealed

March 23 2021

Trucking isn’t an easy job. Matrix understands the importance of truck drivers, but there are still individuals who have misconceptions about them. Nevertheless spreading out rumors and myths about it can encourage misinformation about the entire industry. Here are some of the main trucking myths.

Truckers Earn a Low Income

Actually, truckers make pretty good income per year. Often exceeding $50,000 a year. Of course, the salary depends on the experience and the efficiency of the driver. Year after year of experience plus keeping a good driving record will bump up salary offers over time. Owner-operators can even make six figures if they wish. As a trucking company entirely based on owner-operators, we can prove this is true! Our top earners grossed over $240 k for the year 2020.

No time for their families

It’s true that they work for long hours during the weekdays, but it depends on what loads do they want to haul. For example local or regional loads. At the end of the day, you are at home with your family. For example, what Matrix, Inc offers is consistent home time to the drivers. They can drive the whole week and return back home for the weekends. It all depends on what the truck drivers desire.

Anyone can be a truck driver

Trucking might look easy, but it really isn’t. Technically, anyone can become a truck driver with a CDL. But this is not all it takes. A good trucker needs to be responsible, reliable, punctual, and an excellent driver. This set of skills is rare to find, that’s why truckers are so valuable. 

Women can’t be truckers

Actually, the reality is quite different. Trucking is no longer a man’s game. According to a poll, there are currently over 200,000 female long-haul truck drivers working in the United States. To be a trucker you just have to be able-bodied, and women are just as capable of that as men. Not only but also female truckers are statistically safer drivers than their male counterparts.

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Truck drivers don’t shower

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of all trucking myths! Most trucks come with a mini shower. Long-distance truck drivers usually don’t have to look far for home conveniences like showers and washrooms. Even if their truck doesn’t include a mini shower, showers are available at every truck stop so the drivers can wash up at the end of the day.