International Roadcheck 2021

April 09 2021

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance ( CVSA) announced the dates for this year’s International Roadcheck- 4-6 May 2021. This is an annual international Roadcheck where certified inspectors check carriers’ and drivers’ compliance, enforcement, educational initiatives, and vehicle safety.

Based on last year’s results, the inspectors will be focusing on vehicle lighting and hours-of-service compliance. 

Statistics from last Year’s Roadcheck

In the fiscal year 2020, “lamps inoperable’’ was the top vehicle violation, accounting for about 12% of all vehicle violations discovered that year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The top driver out-of-service violation during last year’s Roadcheck was shown to be HOS, accounting for 34.7% of all driver out-of-service conditions.

More than 15,000 drivers were put out of service during last year’s inspection. 

About The International Roadcheck

Every year inspectors all over  North America conduct inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers. As a result of the blitz, thousands of drivers and carriers are placed out of service each year. According to last year’s Roadcheck results, CVSA decides what category of violation to focus on the next year. Last year, the focus was on driver violations; two years ago, it was steering and suspension systems.

What the focus will be 

In addition to the two main violations from the last year, the inspectors will also check items such as (but certainly not limited to):

  • brake systems
  • cargo securement
  • fuel systems
  • steering mechanisms
  • Wheels
  • Rims
  • hubs 

They will also be looking for seatbelt usage and alcohol or controlled substance abuse. A driver will be placed out of service if an inspector discovers driver-related out-of-service conditions. This means that the vehicle cannot be operated until the identified out-of-service conditions have been changed

If successfully passed Level I or Level V Inspection, the vehicle should receive a CVSA decal. This decal is valid for three months and the vehicles that have it will not be re-inspected during this period of time.