Matrix, Inc ‘s amazing BBQ party 2021

June 09 2021

As you might already have figured out, Matrix, Inc is one of the best trucking companies in the USA. We not only provide service on the highest level possible but also combine business with pleasure. Even Covid-19 couldn’t bring down our festive spirit. We just had to find a different approach and set the beginning of virtual company parties! 

But this year we are excited to share with you that we resumed our annual BBQ party tradition! The most favorite part of our job is sharing wonderful emotions and smiles. All of our Owner Operators and Team members were invited with their families to Carl R. Hansen Woods where the location of the event was.

Some of our Owner Operator’s comments:

“It is a great idea to be here together! When are we doing it again?’’- we don’t even remember how many people asked us this question.

“Thank you for your invitation! Thank you for your business vision! I’ve never worked for such a company before!”

“We had an amazing time! Thank you for the beautiful experience! We are looking forward to the next event.”

“Rosi and Deny are the best! We won’t give them up for anything!” ( The safety department girls)

The program was improvised and it turned out to be incredible! Ivelina Atanasova ( the owner of the company) and one of our owner operator’s mother surprised everyone by singing a couple of songs

There was a lot of dancing and fun! We also couldn’t miss the traditional Bulgarian HORO dance.

Of course, we like to give out prizes. And we couldn’t get away without a great raffle game!

Some of the prizes:

  • Dashcam, 
  • Apple air pods,
  • Pilot gift cards, 
  • Free occupational,
  • Cargo insurance 
  • And ELD subscriptions.

Congratulations to the winners!

Ivelina Atanasova is one of the best examples of a successful business owner and a team leader! She is always striving for the best serving for the people who work for/with/ Matrix! We are looking forward to the next Matrix, Inc family gathering ( with more surprises and a more interesting/entertaining program)

Matrix, Inc is not just a trucking company, we are a family!