America’s most dangerous roads for truck drivers

August 03 2021

Trucking is one of the riskiest professions and yet one of the most underestimated. More than anybody else, commercial truck drivers have a better grasp of the country’s 4 million miles of roads. The type and condition of the road itself are some of the key elements that might make truck driving extremely risky. Even the most competent and observant truck drivers might lose control of poorly located and maintained roadways. Here are some of the most dangerous roads in America, according to truck drivers.

The Dalton Highway in Alaska

This road is 414 miles long. It starts north of Fairbanks on the Elliott Highway and finishes at Deadhorse, near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields. What makes it dangerous are threats of sub-zero temperatures, avalanches, blizzards, and icy roads. In addition to it, in the range of 240 miles, there are no gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. You and your truck are required to be well prepared when making the trip through this road. Make sure the vehicle is capable of handling difficult conditions. Bring extra fuel, water, food, first aid supplies, spare tires, appropriate clothing, and other emergency gear.

U.S Highway 2 in Montana

Montana’s Highway 2 has the greatest traffic death rate of any other area, according to the University of Minnesota. What’s worse is it takes an average of 80 minutes for ambulances to arrive. The road is a 760-mile stretch from the Washington state line to just east of Bainville. The main reasons for the fatality accidents are high winds, snowstorms, and black ice. US-2 has an average of 13 fatal crashes a year.

U.S. Highway 550 in Colorado (The Million Dollar Highway)

Back in 1880, this highway cost one million dollars to be built. It runs through the mountains of  New Mexico and Colorado. Reaching elevations of 11,000 feet, the weather can be erratic and icy. What makes it even more dangerous is the lack of guardrails. 

California & Arizona’s I-15

Because the route travels across a wide desert, it fosters excessive speeding, inattentive driving, and other careless conduct, such as not wearing safety belts, all of which are the major causes of most accidents. Another reason for fatal accidents is the mix of truck drivers and Las Vegas tourists traffic. In addition, there is a high rate of drunk driving accidents as well. 

Route 138 in California (Highway of Death)

This road was named the “Highway of Death” where 56 people were killed and 875 were injured in five years. The highway runs about 65 miles from Crestline to Palmdale, through the Mojave Desert. The route provides views of beautiful but hazardous canyons that present the real possibility of plunging over. The twisty two-lane road continued to average more than 10 fatalities per year. However, in 2006 improvements were made to the road. Now it has wider lanes and better visibility.

Though accidents can happen anywhere at any moment, you must drive your vehicle with extreme caution on any of these routes. Always be prepared and check the road conditions before you start your trip. This is a small part of the most dangerous roads for truck drivers. Leave a comment if you have driven on any of these highways, or let us know some of the most dangerous roads you have experienced as a truck driver.

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