Brake safety week August 2021

August 09 2021

This year’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled for August 22-28. During Brake Safety Week, commercial vehicle inspectors highlight the importance of braking systems by conducting inspections and removing commercial vehicles found in violation of brake regulations from our roadways. At the same time, many trucking companies are working to educate their drivers and maintenance providers about the importance of braking system safety.

Because brake violations account for the largest percentage of all violations found during roadside inspections, CVSA has developed this targeted program to conduct roadside inspections and increase awareness of this critical safety issue.

Inspectors will be mainly focused on:

  • Mechanical components of air brakes and steering axle air brakes.
  • Brake adjustment.
  • Antilock braking systems.
  • Air loss rate.
  • Low air pressure warning devices.
  • Tractor protection systems.
  • Leaks or cracks in any system components.

They will also examine:

  • Drivers’ licenses and medical examiner’s certificates.
  • Hours of service and record of duty status.
  • Evidence of drug or alcohol use or possession.
  • Seat belt use.
  • Vehicle inspection reports (if applicable).
  • Cargo securement.

Commercial vehicles found to have brake or other driver or vehicle violations will be immediately put out of service and shall not be allowed to operate until the problems are corrected. However, vehicles with no critical violations will receive a CVSA sticker stating that they’ve passed inspection.

The CVSA has supplied an air brake inspection checklist to assist you to prepare for your safety inspection, as well as answers to some commonly asked questions concerning your air brake system and inspection.

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