5 Loading Dock Tips for Truckers

August 16 2021

As a truck driver, you are mostly on your own. Unless, of course, you are picking up and dropping off your cargo. Of course, you want these situations to go as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can keep driving! There are certain rules of conduct and loading dock tips that you should follow to keep you on track and safe! If you’re a truck driver that’s new to the loading dock scene, stick these tips for proper etiquette that benefits everyone.

Organize your paperwork

It will make your job a lot easier if you always keep your paperwork organized. Being well prepared is just as important on the road as it is at the loading dock. Keeping your documents in one place will save you time, and it will make it much easier for the staff at the loading dock to do their jobs. Good organization also makes a good impression on the company you represent.

Follow the Loading Dock Rules

Some loading docks are much more detail-oriented than others. While one company may just use a simple red light/green light safety system, others may use lights, signs, loading dock restraint systems, tire barriers – and the list goes on. The more labor-intensive the job is for you, the more frustrating it is. However, these features were implemented because someone was gravely harmed or probably died someplace

Communicate well and keep calm

When you arrive at a loading dock – especially if it’s a place you’ve never been before – be sure to communicate effectively. What I mean by this is that you should be polite and humble. Get briefed and don’t assume that everything is the same at every loading dock. Also, it’s always a good idea to let them know if you’re running behind schedule or give them a message that might be beneficial to the company you’re delivering for.

Remember that it’s not always about you, no matter how frustrated you become in situations where others are late, unprepared, or just plain disrespectful. Maintain patience and strive to make the interaction as painless for yourself as possible. You’ll be able to get out of there faster if you’re patient and calm.

Get Information ahead of time

Find out as much as you can about different firms, facilities, and potential loading dock concerns by talking to other drivers and/or managers at your freight company. It will be easier to cultivate patience if you are well prepared. If a company is notorious for dragging its feet or something about a certain loading dock impedes the process or has a bad impact on a driver’s experience, freight company staff might call the shipping/receiving managers. Hopefully, a compromise can be reached.

Try to stay Awake and Attentive

When truck drivers fall asleep, leave their truck, or go missing, things slow down. When you work as a delivery driver, you will have long waits, but that is the nature of the job. Pay attention, present the necessary information/documentation, wait patiently for your time, and adhere to the dock rules, and you’ll be part of the solution, not the issue.

In the trucking sector, loading dock concerns are a problem. Truckers must collaborate with their employers, shippers, and receivers, and one another to devise methods for making the loading and unloading procedure as quick, efficient, and painless as possible.
If you are new in the trucking industry you can get familiar with the Trucker Etiquette.