Matrix, Inc, and Truckers Against Trafficking

September 09 2021

Matrix, Inc is proud to be a part of Truckers Against Trafficking ‘s life-saving mission! We are extremely happy that our owner-operators can contribute to the freedom of sex trafficking victims. 

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is an organization that is fighting against sex trafficking/ forced prostitution. This horrible criminal enterprise is one of the fastest-growing and affects millions globally. You might not realize it, but it happens in your home state even in your neighborhood.

Find TAT’s contact information on Our Partners page

Truckers are the eyes and ears of our highways. Therefore the trucking industry has the opportunity to combat the injustice head-on. Matrix, Inc realizes this. This is the reason that step by step all of our owner-operators and staff are being trained and educated on how to recognize suspicious activity and how to report it. Truckers are one of the most motivated and well-organized industry groups on this issue. Their reports have led to countless arrests and recoveries of victims across the country.

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) began as an initiative of Chapter 61 Ministries in 2009 to work with the trucking industry because it’s 7-million strong. Truckers are trained to be extremely observant. The trucking industry consists of people already entrusted with caring for other people’s goods, which speaks to the character of the industry when it comes to caring for others—especially when the interest of others might be in trouble. Members of the trucking industry are everywhere. They are covering the entire United States. Lastly, traffickers who want to make fast money often target truckers at truck stops and rest areas (because they’re everywhere and easy to reach right along highways) to sell their victims. This is evidenced by the number of victims rescued from truck stops by the FBI.

Ivelina Atanasova ( the owner of Matrix, Inc) was the first trained and certified. She said, “Everybody needs a mission in their lives”. 

All of us in the transportation industry share a mission and we believe we can all contribute to something greater. Truckers have proven to be the highway knights of America. Now they can be saviors. Follow Matrix, Inc’s example and become a part of TAT. One phone call will take you 2 minutes but it can change victims’ lives. 

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