TA / Petro Truckstop fitness locations

November 05 2021

In one of our previous articles, we gave you different options on how to stay fit as a truck driver such as : 

  • Maintaining your heart rate
  • Working out in your truck
  • Types of equipment and so on

But did you know that TA / Petro collaborate with StayFit and they offer free fitness locations at their truck stops? 

Matrix, Inc offers amazing TA / Petro fuel card discounts as part of our dispatch packages for owner-operators. And we are happy to announce that our business partners are serving all drivers by offering them FREE access to a healthy life. 

Their StayFit program has workout options that include FREE indoor fitness rooms, outdoor exercise areas, walking/running trails, basketball hoops, bean bag toss, and horseshoe pits at many of our locations network-wide.

Types of Activities

  1. StayFit fitness rooms– 68 locations
  2. Walking Trails– 179 locations
  3. Basketball Hoop – 47 locations
  4. StayFit Outdoor fitness – 4 locations
  5. Bean Bag Toss– 173 locations
  6. Horseshoe pit– 52 locations

Are truck drivers more likely to be healthy if they take care of themselves physically as well mentally by including fitness in their lives? The answer is yes! 

If you want to receive a list of the StayFit locations, send us a message by clicking on the button on the lower right corner of the page.