How Matrix, Inc helped a team member to graduate with honors- Interview with Jacky

September 13 2022

Zhaklin Arnaudova- Jacky has been part of Matrix’s family since 7/1/2021. Despite her young age, she’s not afraid to take on challenges in life. She successfully balances her career in our Safety Department (taking care of our Owner-Operators safety and compliance is her priority), taking care of her wonderful 1-year-old son, and her education. We dare say she’s doing every part with excellence. And this is the topic of today’s article. We Interviewed our Team member Jacky so she can tell us how Matrix helped her to graduate with honors.

Tell us more about yourself and how did you decide to step into the logistics field.

As a joke, I started working in the Tracking department at a local company. I didn’t know anything about the trucking business in the USA by that time.  When I got to know the business better, I realized that this was the job that I have always wanted to work. I like the dynamic, I like that something new happens every day, and I improve myself daily. I quit because there were major problems with the company policies that I didn’t agree with. I tried to work with different logistics, but it wasn’t for me.

How did you find out about Matrix, Inc? What is your story with the company?

I decided to start working again during my motherhood (when my son was eight months old). I was so bored because he was playing alone, and he didn’t need me much.

By that time, I was working with a European logistic company that operated in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. I didn’t want to go back there because I didn’t like the trucking business in Europe much. So I started applying for various positions. After two months of looking around, I received an email that I got approved for an interview with Matrix.

How did Matrix, Inc help you with your study? What were the key points you used in your study?

As you know, my master’s degree is in Industrial Logistics, and to finish it, I had to write a dissertation, and the topic was my decision. I chose to write about the company because I had the information in front of me. I just put it in order.

How did your education help you with the position you are currently taking in Matrix, Inc?

It was the opposite, actually. The work helped me finish my education.

What is the secret to a successful balance between studying, motherhood, and work?

It’s not a secret at all, ha-ha! It’s a composite of things. First- you need to love what you do. Everything else comes with good organization, understanding from your partner (especially if there is no one else to help you with the kids), and a desire for growth in the company but your personal and business development shouldn’t come between you and your family relationship.

To achieve all of the above, I just gave up sleeping LOL. Sleep is for the weak. That is what my days looked like before graduation:

In the mornings until noon, I spent time with my kid and went to the grocery store if needed. Then we eat for lunch, and I put him to bed. After he falls asleep, I go to study or do some tests before work. Then from 3 pm to 00:00 (BG time), I work. Meanwhile, my husband comes back from work and continues caring for our son. After my shift ends, I continue studying until 02:00. But this is only during the weekdays. The weekends are dedicated entirely to my family.

What do you love about your job in Matrix?

I love the dynamic of this job. Every day is a different day. Every day I learn something new because this business changes constantly. I love my team. My manager pushes me all the time to improve myself. I improve not only my work skill but also my personal skills. I love that because I think the more you know, the more opportunities you have.

What is your business plan for the future? How do you see your development in logistics after your graduation?

For now, I want to improve myself in the safety part of the trucking business. There are a lot of things that I want to learn. After I feel more confident, I hope to be able to create something mine.

Zhaklin is an example of how dedicated are all of our team members. We are constantly evolving and improving, so we serve our Owner-Operators and Customers on the highest level. We are grateful for every business partner and every team member. Not only do they help us by working with us, but Matrix is giving back to them in many ways. From graduating with honors, more time for their families to more saved money at the end of the year thanks to all the benefits and perks we offer.
We aren’t talking only about the material benefits. Our core values are understanding, a friendly environment, support, transparency, dedication, etc. That’s why Matrix, Inc is called a boutique company. We are one of a kind with exceptional service and values that lie at the base of everything.