Matrix accomplishments for 2022

February 06 2023

Our ninth year in the trucking business has passed. During one of our traditional team gatherings, we looked back at the year 2022 and thought about what we accomplished over the last 365 days. How did Matrix become better? What did we celebrate and what made us happy?

Now it’s time for our 2022 recap!

  1. We increased our fleet by over 20% and hauled over 11,700 loads for the whole year.

2. We doubled our referral bonus to show our drivers how much we care about them and appreciate their efforts.

3. We improved communication by 40% among our team by utilizing world-class communication tools. As a team we’ve conducted over 150 hours of meetings working on the business, making sure to go above and beyond for our clients and our team.

4. The president of our company Ivelina has spent over 700 hours on personal development and business training as well as contributing to others.

What innovations did we implement?

1. We improved our after-hours services so we can better serve our drivers and business partners

2. Our TMS was migrated to be accessible via any device. This helps our team to be more productive and efficient and serve our customers at a higher level 27/7.

3. We improved the capabilities of our track a shipment feature on our website to deliver even more accurate results.

Fun activities to clear our minds and souls

1. We increased the level of compassion, playfulness, and fun for each other thanks to our team-buildings.

2. We celebrated all federal holidays together as a team.

3. Our act-of-kindness activities included cleaning parts of Bulgaria and visiting a home for children with special needs so we could spend time with them and give them Christmas presents.

4. We have a new Chant– It’s Easy it’s Simple it’s Fun it’s Done


1. We are proud of our drivers’ safety performance. We got 63 clean inspections out of 104 for the whole year. As a sign of appreciation, we gave out over $10,000 in safety awards to our drivers.

2. We were able to once again appreciate our whole team ( Owner- Operators and back office) by giving them year-end bonuses

Despite soaring inflation rates, we managed to accomplish all of this with a minor increase in service fees of half a percent. This is a small, but memorable part of our accomplishments during the past year. As we look back, we can smile with satisfaction at our achievements. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and make this 2023 year even more successful, productive, and fun! We want to thank all of our team members, truck drivers, and business partners for making this possible.