How to choose the best trucking company for you

July 17 2023

Are you considering a career in trucking? Whether you’re an experienced CDL driver or just starting, finding the best trucking company to work for is essential to ensure job satisfaction and a successful career. With numerous carriers out there, how do you determine which one is the right fit for you? In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors that will largely determine which trucking companies will appeal to you the most.

1. CDL Status

The first step in finding the best trucking company for you is determining your CDL status. If you have your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you’ll have more options and can apply directly for driving positions. On the other hand, if you don’t have your CDL yet, you may need to consider companies that offer training programs for new drivers.

2. Location

Your geographical location is a critical factor when choosing a trucking company. Some carriers operate only in specific regions or states, while others have a nationwide presence. Consider the distance you’re willing to travel from home and look for companies with a strong presence in your area.
Matrix, Inc is a trucking carrier located in Illinois, but we operate in all 48 states.

3. Experience Level

Your level of experience as a CDL driver will impact the job opportunities that are available to you. As a new driver, it may be beneficial to search for companies that provide thorough training and mentorship programs. Experienced drivers might be more interested in carriers that offer higher pay scales and additional benefits. Here at Matrix, for example, one of our requirements is our owner-operators to have at least two years of experience.

4. Solo vs. Team Driving

Decide whether you prefer driving solo or being part of a team. Solo driving offers more independence, while team driving can be a great option for those who enjoy companionship and shared responsibilities on the road.

5. Company Driver or Owner Operator

Determine whether you want to work as a company driver or an owner-operator. Company drivers are employed by the carrier, while owner-operators have their own trucks and operate as independent contractors under a carrier’s authority. Each option has its pros and cons, so carefully consider which one aligns with your career goals. You can learn more about the owner-operators without authority here

6. Hauling Preferences

Identify the type of trucking you’re willing to do. For example, some drivers may not want to handle flatbed trucking jobs due to the additional responsibilities involved. Consider your preferences and look for carriers that offer the kind of hauling you’re comfortable with. At Matrix we can offer you TL, LTL, Expedited shipments, HazMat loads, and Dry loads. Contact us for more information

7. Home Time

The amount of time you get to spend at home is crucial, especially if you value a healthy work-life balance. Some trucking companies offer more frequent home time options, while others require drivers to spend more time on the road. Choose a company that aligns with your home time needs.
At Matrix you make your own schedule and choose the home time.

8. Salary and Benefits

Assess how important salary and benefits are to you. Some companies may offer higher pay rates, while others provide attractive benefits packages, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Determine what matters most to you and find companies that meet those criteria.
At Matrix, you get tons of discounts, the lowest possible insurance rates, 100% paid detentions and so much more. Call us to learn more!

9. Job Security and Career Advancement

Long-term job security and potential for career advancement are crucial considerations. Research the reputation of the company, its financial stability, and opportunities for growth within the organization.

In conclusion, finding the best trucking company to work for depends on a combination of personal preferences and practical considerations. Consider factors like your CDL status, location, experience level, driving preferences, and desired benefits. Research each company’s offerings and read reviews from current and former employees to gain insights into their work culture and job satisfaction. By carefully evaluating your options, you can secure a long-term and fulfilling truck driving career that suits your needs and aspirations. Happy trucking!