Eric Swanson

Long-term relationships are the foundation of American business. We consider companies who believe in similar core values as we do – honesty, dedication, thoughtfulness, responsiveness, integrity – as companies with whom we wish to establish and maintain long-term relationships. Matrix is the perfect example.

Every member of their team is concerned with the success of our fleet. Dispatch is routinely in touch with our drivers, focusing on the present but also planning ahead with caring and consideration; Accounting is diligent in keeping numbers up-to-date and always verifies info with us; Safety is unwavering in the commitment to everyone’s security, so vital to the welfare of the Hazmat loads we handle. Even the owners, from whom the rest of the company finds its identity, are involved on a daily basis at all levels to ensure the company prospers. Further, unlike many others in their position, we find Matrix to be receptive to alternative ideas that may improve processes and efficiency.

In short, we consider Matrix to be a highly professional organization, showing a true commitment to the industry with an attention to detail unmatched by most others. We hope to continue working with their team for years to come!