Kevin VanWalleghan

Hello, I am Kevin VanWalleghan and I have been driving for over ten years, I have been working with Matrix since August of 2015. I am a contract driver for Mariya Swanson, AVNS Capital.

From the beginning when I was processing in Matrix staff in the office has been very helpful professionally and fun to work with. Over the months with Matrix I rarely make it back to the office so most of the contact I have with everyone there is on the phone or electronically. However making contact and successfully completing the business of the day to day trucking tasks is very easy. The dispatch and load logistics staff has kept me busy without waiting for loads after deliveries. I have had one or two occasions that I have had to wait several hours for a new load but that’s trucking sometimes. Overall I am preplanned and go from one load to the next without any problems. When issues arise they are there and willing to assist and make things work, I have worked with many dispatchers in my time, these folks are top notch and willing to help out the driver.

The support staff in the office is always available and willing to help with any issues that can arise from load paperwork to permits. They are always ahead of schedule giving me advance notice for anything that may be expiring and needing to update. Paperwork is emailed to me so I can print it out at home or at the closest truck stop. Because I haul hazmat materials so often I have come to appreciate the small inconvenience of having to send copies of all paperwork related to the hazmat load being accepted before leaving the dock. I have learned much about the details of that complicated Hazmat paperwork from our Safety coordinator Rosi. Rosi has saved me possible write ups by finding small details that can get a driver written up or put out of service during a DOT inspection.  I always enjoy working the office staff as they are one of my most frequent contacts with Matrix.

The owner of the truck I pilot has had no issues with being paid on time to my knowledge as my pay for my weeks driving has always been on time and in full. Matrix offers inspection incentives for passing DOT inspections. I have had the opportunity to collect on those 3 times over my time with Matrix. The trailer I pull is owned by Matrix and issues with the trailer when they come up are resolved quickly and easily.

Now the important part for us drivers to consider is home time. I have been able to be at home whenever I have requested to be home, within reasonable amounts of time being out on the road. The dispatch staff is great they get me home for weekends at times for a reset or longer if that’s what I request. The office doesn’t call and bother you with silly questions; they really respect your time at home with your family. Something I really appreciate!   

Overall the staff at Matrix is excellent in my opinion! They all work to make the task of trucking as easy and efficient as possible. I know the feeling that I get from working with them, even as little as I get to the office, is that of being part of Family. This makes working with Matrix so much more enjoyable for me as a driver.