Learn How To Keep Your Truck Well-Organized

June 30 2020

It’s a tough task to learn how to keep your truck well-organized on the road, especially when the majority of your time is spent on work. Driving a messy semi could be quite irritating, the space already seems a little cramped to live in.

Your truck is basically your home on wheels while you’re working, you could be comfortable and well-organized while you’re on the road. Once you’ve completed your driving for the day you should already have a well-organized truck, instead of spend your time organizing afterwards.

With a few hacks to learn how to keep your truck well-organized to make your life a little easier:

Self Adhesive Lights

These self adhesive lights are so easy to use, you stick them on anywhere and you just press the center to turn them on. You can stick them on above your bed for extra lighting, or above cabinets.

Command Hooks or Velcro

The command hooks can be used to hang up bags, cords any items under 4 lbs each hook, there are also different sizes where the maximum weight varies.

The Velcro strips are good to use if you are hanging up some bins for storage for either paperwork or any bags you need to stay in place. With the truck constantly moving and turning, it’s useful for your bags to stay in one place.

Hand held Vacuum

Like any car, you are bound to make a mess whether it’s crumbs, or pet hair.. If you are bringing an animal on the road it is so convenient to be able to clean up after them with a hand held vacuum.

Storage Containers/Packing Cubes

The storage containers give you a great opportunity to keep your truck well-organized, you can measure the space you have available, Velcro them to the shelves if you have any in your truck.

The Packing Cubes are also very convenient to have you can organize your clothes in them when you are packing your clothes from home.

Label Your Bins

When you are using bins, it is easier if you organize your bins with similar items and label them so you spend less time looking for things. If you don’t want to use a label maker, you can simply stick a piece of masking tape and write with a marker what the bin is, that way next time if you want to use the bin for something else you’re not scratching out writing from the bin.

Quick No Sew Face Mask

Since within the last few months we’ve needed to wear a face covering, if you’ve run out or haven’t cleaned your re-usable face mask, here’s a DIY 5 different ways of making your own.

If you need more guidance on steps truck drivers will find helpful during Covid-19, Matrix Inc has jotted down some other helpful tips for you to check out, click here to read more.