Split Sleeper on KeepTruckin- New HOS rules

The ELD provider KeepTruckin, holds a large market share among independent owner-operators and small fleets, including Matrix, Inc. Many ELD providers issued multiple software updates — with more likely coming — to help drivers manage the new options available within the federal hours of service regulations. Some of them are still grappling with how to execute their users’ experience of the new split sleeper options in the new regs, which took effect Sept. 29. Here is how the split sleeper on KeepTruckin works.

“The previous rules were very mechanistic,” KeepTruckin’s Baskin said. “Now you have this other input of the intent of the driver.” The inability of KT’s system at present to make an assumption about whether the “vehicle is equipped with a sleeper berth,” too, added difficulty to programming assumptions.

KeepTruckin’s new split sleeper experience includes a toggle that allows drivers to have visibility into their available hours if/when they plan on using the split sleeper provision. Using this feature, drivers will have the ability to view how many driving and on-duty hours they have left before they complete both qualifying periods.

How does the Split sleeper work: 

  1. In order to start using this new experience, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the KeepTruckin Driver App. V32.3 for Android, v32.4 for iOS, available starting 10/20

2.  Open the KeepTruckin Driver App and navigate to the Logs screen

3. Swipe left on the main Logs screen, to view the HOS Recap

4. To view the hours available for you, you should’ve availed of a qualifying split sleeper berth period (i.e. 2 hours off-duty/sleeper berth).  To do so, click on the Show Split SB Clocks toggle button (iOS) or check the Show Split SB Clocks checkbox (Android) at the bottom of the HOS Recap screen.

5. Once you’ve checked the checkbox, you will be able to view your available driving and on-duty hours with the time from the first qualifying period added back.

6. You will also be able to view your Split SB clocks in the driving lock screen. In order to toggle between the clocks in driving lock mode, drivers will have to select Show Split SB Clocks and Show Default Clocks.

NOTE **  In order to avoid HOS violations, drivers will still be expected to complete their split sleeper berth. However, once the driver completes their second period, the driver’s clocks will  recalculate. Any previously generated violations be removed accordingly.

 Always use the DOT Inspection Mode during an inspection, in order to avoid violations.

Requirements- Then and Now 

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